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Larry Ross has moved
Larry Ross has moved from Hayward into an Assisted Living Facility in Vacaville. 
His new address is: 1111 Ulatis Drive, Room 213, Vacaville, CA 95687. 
He would appreciate a thoughtful card from his softball friends.

Medical Notice
Update from Pam Hadley
Herb moved yesterday (5/26/16) into an assisted living facility:
Pacifica Senior Center 2361 E. 29th Street, Apt 230
Oakland, CA 94606
Their phone number is:  888-498-6282
He is available by cell phone: (510) 332-5113.  I haven't had a chance to try out his cell phone yet, so I'm not sure if he can receive calls easily.  You can leave a message with me at (510) 652-5009 if you have difficulty reaching him.
He would like to receive calls and visit. It is a good idea to call ahead for visits to find out how he is doing.  If he is having a bad day, a delay is better if you can.  He had 2 units of blood and 2 liters of saline yesterday, so physically he is better than usual today.

Attention Managers:
For the remainder of this season, teams will be allowed to use any pinch runner 4 times during a regular game instead of 3 times. One extra run allowed for extra-inning games. This is because several teams are shorthanded due to injuries...Commissioners
50+ League - Start - September 15,   Final - September 22, 2016
60+ League - Start - September 6,   Final - September 20, 2016 (Picnic to follow)
70+ League - Start - September 14,   Final - September 21, 2016
Annual Picnic: Sept. 20, following the 60's League Final Playoff Game
                     John Ironside-        johnironside6@hotmail.com
        Mike Carroll-       rtkm@comcast.net
           Lanny Witt-        marlan4551@att.net


Have a Great Season !!

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